Thursday - "Darkies dance"

Today we went to Kharlovka falls. Consider yet how hard it is to be reassured that a salmon river is filled from top to bottom and not the opposite! The first salmon is the largest and goes to the top! Falls had been the only place that has given fish regularly. Coaching this morning gave a salmon each to "Darkie" and Graham. Lovely! The first round yielded nothing but a change to depth and smaler fly was a success! Darkies dance is an upcoming classic. The giant man with forearms like my thighs danced featherweight over the cliffs happy like a child! Fantastic genuine lsalmon fishing happines, a privilege to be there and contribute to this! The afternoon I fished down to camp. Guys gave nothing, but a fast Samurai gave a nice fish in the Upper Canyon and another in Lower Canyon. Sealiced nice fresh run fish and the secret was probably a very fast fly, down stream mend at full speed! On the way down I lost another one in the washing mashine! The fish chased the fly in the fast white water and took it in a cascade of water! Cool! After dinner was practice of knots. I showed the six I prefer. During the evening I was with Allan and Tim in Home Pool. Stubborn attempts yielded nothing but when I went in behind them. I immediately lost a fish that took my fly - shit! Had another pull and in the tail I fished the fly home with long strokes and like a crazy dolphin in the surface a fish brutally attacked my fly and it was a solid fish. Another tough fight with a fish that took of in the surface water so there where ways all over the pool! 25 lbs - and this week’s biggest salmon! Yes!