To sight fish for multi sea winter salmon with a free floating fly or a deadly hitch is the best of the best there is. We all love that broad backed salmon chasing our little fly’s track on the surface. To zick-zack a bomber over a big fresh fish, even thinking of it gives goosebumps. We are fortunate to have among our friends some of the best hitch anglers in the world. Their important advice is to tie the flies so they make as small wake as possible. We use a quite thin tubing and make sure to put the wing on top and a hole each side, this gives a narrow profile and a small wake. Our bombers have a reversed cut rubber turbo, it helps the fly to skate even in fast turbulent water. The little fluorescent part of the body makes you see it better even free floating. They are extremely hard packed for high flotation and they will do the trick for you. All our bombers are presented in a small “gem” box including a light dry fly single hook.