Friday - last day

Today it was coaching with Allan and Jamie at Home Pool. Again a merciless sun made ​​fishing incredibly difficult. The guys fished well and focus in coaching was casting and getting as much speed on the fly as possible. Cast across and definitely not mend upstream! The odious upstream mend does not work in these conditions! The momentum is all my experience a quick fly can entice even under difficult conditions with the heat and sun. Another method is to introduce the fly deep. After lunch I went to the Lower Canyon. I fished some of the pockets of washing on the way up with no results. Once I had learned the previous day. I rigged the camera before I got up and started fishing. Now it was only to press the record button! I fished a 13.7 Lxi and a 1/3/5 and a fat Samurai. Fast and deep water - this would be fished super fast. After just a few cast I was taken by a solid fish! Cool. A good fight and , I could film the landing of a beautiful 18-pound sealiced female. I fished everything thoroughly again without more success. The last thing I switched to a small fly and had a fish that came and pulled the fly several times before it took it! 10 seconds later it was gone again - shit!