Wedsnday - 24 LBS!

This day I was with Keith and Kenny on the Litza. The ideas about how the river fills from top to bottom made me only have to go to the Falls. Instead of Coaching until lunch we did the opposite. The helicopter took me to the Falls where I like James Bond climbed out of the helicopter on the Cliff close to the running water. Unfortunately, it was so much snow, ice and devilry that I had to climb up, around everything and down the other side. 1 hour later I was on the right banks cliff. Tough - straight up and straight down! F/I/2och the new Reaction 14.8 than that gets better and better the more I get used to it! Falls gave me 2 nice fish, one 12-pound Osenka and an amazing 24-pound sealiced male! It took the fly so gently, but the following fight was completely crazy. It was everywhere! And here you can not follow, I was grateful for my 0.47 Egor! A pretty fat green samurai was what gave results. I succeeded to get a little short film before I climbed the mountain again where the pick up was at 13. The helicopter was late and the weather had turned in and no came in from the north. 1 hour on top made ​​me completely frozen stiff! Through the mist and down to Litza tent camp-the world’s best lunch spot! The afternoon was coaching. We fished through Lower tent, Mirror, Tent and Upper tent and Keith lost two fishe, that was unfortunately everything.

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