BTT Fly series is our new superlight weight series of nobody flies that come in the smaller sizes 2,4 and 6 cm. After TTT been on the market a few years with fantastic success it was time to give you a series of extremely light flies on the same concept with a Tube that move water and create turbulence for very soft swimming materials – flies that swim better than anything ells. TTT is made of tungsten with high density and weight. This series is tied on our super thin and light Brass Turbo Tube -BTT. Lighter than tied on a regular plastic tube the BTT give you flies that you can hoover right in the surface film. TTT and BTT complete each other in a very effective way. Combine them with our loose fly bodies and you have a brand-new concept where you can switch weight, pattern and bodies in anyway you like. We have chosen some of our proven patterns – flies that have taken great fish for decades.