Sunday - "The Golden River"

At last it was time I would get to fish "The Golden River" Solotaya. We went away far upstream in the small river, in places so small you could almost jump over the little mainstream. But with varied pools it is a clear challenge! 10 feet 8 Reaction and a 11m float / hoover / Int tripple D head was my weapons. In one of the small pools in the corner of my eye I saw a fish go up in a slow head & tail. I had fished it with my little Samurai, switched to a small Deesheep and it took so gently and nicely -fantastic a first salmon from a new river is always very special! Another nice salmon in Long pool before a violent take in the fast stream in the top of Russianpool took me frantically running multiple pools down before I could land another sealiced fish. 3 nice salmon and a good first day of fishing and a new love - Solotaya! I do a little short film from here- coming on soon!