Tuesday 2end Waterfall - 3 in one hour!

Today, I struggled out of bed cold and fever. Thanks to some hilarious pills (hmm) I was given by Doctor Brian there was enough power in my poor body so that I could fish. We started in the Power Pool and fished our way down. I went down to the second waterfall and first got a fish from the cliff. Absolutely impossible to get down alone ... thankfully did not put the hook worse than it was to get off shaking a bit from the cliff ... climbed around and fished the tail from the right side. Several fish showed and got the first a 15 lbs "Osenka" lost a smaller one on the retrieve and then got a nice sealiced 13 lbs on a fast little green Samurai down in the tail. 3 salmon over an hour - just as it is sometimes works – it turns on and you get them one by one. Filmed the fights and it went well, but it’s a little crazy talking to your self alone on the tundra ....

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