Saturday- on my way home

Way home and time to gather all experience. Anders was a good fishing companion, sure he has a reputation for being hot, but I think we fished in good harmony. Sasha our guide was a nice guy with some moderate distance to salmon fishing and life. Knowledgeable and very helpful, friendly with a heart full of warmth. Totally the week gave me 23 fine salmon with 2 over 20lbs Anders landed almost the same and together we got 40 of the 106 salmon group entered in the logbook. This week’s salmon took Brian at the third waterfall, a fish that has been in the river some time a male at 31 pounds.It was a week to learn a lot. Where the importance of the small fly and fishing it fast was clear as day. In fine weather salmon see the fly from distance and it becomes even more important to surprise it. Tackle-wise, the fishing, with the 10 "8 is absolutely amazing! 13.9 Lxi and flyt/2/4 is also incredibly good and so 13.7 Reaction float/int/2an course. Now home a few days and then of to new adventures!