FITS Tungsten Turbo Tubes – perfect for making muddler heads!

I guess you have been surprised a few times by completely different conditions at the river than what you expected for the fishing trip. The fish might just be active at nighttime and does not pay any attention to your flies. The water might be way too high, or maybe the water has become peaty? For successful fishing it’s wise to be well prepared and have a well-stocked supply of flies of different sizes and different models. I’m a warm supporter of flies tied by deer hair with muddler head. Usually it’s at night fishing for both sea run or brown trout that these flies come to use, but I have actually been successful fishing for salmons with these flies. For example, when a glacier river has become completely gray after a period of really warm temperatures. These rivers can be so colored that you do not see your own wading shoes even though you are standing in shallow water. 

Many think it’s difficult to tie with deer hair, not to mention how messy it becomes when cutting and shaping the heads. Therefore, with this short blog post, I want to give you a simple tip so that you always have the option to use a fly with muddler head easily accessible. The TTT tubes offer you both a tube and a cone with considerable weight as they are made in tungsten. The wide cone has a small tube in front of the cone, which also has a small flange at the front. This makes it perfect for tying a muddler head. The short tube makes the deer hair easily spread around the tube. You can also tighten the kevlar tying thread, which makes the muddler head very durable. You can tie these heads in different colors and add materials that you yourself believe in, for example rubber legs.  Just slide the muddler head on the leader and then the tube fly and finally the hook. This is a simple and sometimes, in some circumstances, incredibly effective way to awaken the fish's interest in your fly. It may be the game-changer you badly need to succeed.

//Peter Ohlsson