“Fiskefesten” and the Swedish premiere of Artifishal

It was second year for the gathering “Fiskefesten” it’s shown to be a popular little fair with mostly salmon anglers from the northern parts of Sweden. This year Fiskefesten had the Swedish premiere of Artifishal. Around 250 people gathered at the Scandic hotel and from the bar opened the discussions were on. It turned out a good event with me leding the panel with Christer Borg from Älvräddarna, Thomas Johansson from The Baltic Salmon Fund and Glenn Douglas from Sportfiskarna. The Q&A afterwards brought up some local questions around the urgent hatchery situation in the Baltic. Over 1 miljon smolts are released, a gigantic genetic pollution of our wild stocks. A bit tricky with the SAS pilots striking, me having to fly to Umeå and reach Skellefteå by  2 hour car ride. But it was for sure worth the struggle. A great night with an important massage – Fight for the Wild Salmon!

Now Scotland and finally some fishing – the fight have taken lots of time away from fly tying and fishing. If we join together in the fight we can change things – we can save the wild stocks for us and future generations!