Artifishal screening in Amsterdam, Patagonia headquarters

Next stop on the Artifishal tour was Amsterdam and the Patagonia headquarters. This is a very special office with a very cozy familiar feeling to it. The show was sold out long ago and the crowd very interested. I think that we have a different audience than I am used too, few fishermen, younger and very enviro-orientated. Good, broader and more powerful with this crowd too. If you fish for salmon, you know the farmed fish are bad. These are the “sushi generation” that need to question the industry, the animal welfare, ecosystem collapse, extinction of the wild stocks and also what the powerful industry wants us to eat – every day! The screening had some good questions and I think the crowd left with new insights on farmed salmon.  Now it’s a few days home before I’m heading back to London Thursday, and then the first screening here in Sweden Friday. I hope to meet hundreds of sceptic wild salmon friends at Scandic in Skellefteå.