Day four - Kharlovka!

Falls - this amazing place! We arrived to clearer weather and a few glimpses from the sun. I started high up in the deep water with a ”Witch” with green metallic tungsten turbo cone. First take came on short line and the second one not long after, two nice fresh 7-8 kilos and the day was saved. Such an perfect pool, I dare to say that on this water levels I know exactly where the fish are… The third one was a bit bigger, 20 minutes crazy fight before the 9 kilos silvery beauty gave up. On the other side I had my fourth and I was over the clouds! What was not as good was that I for the second time in my life managed to lose a line to a hooked salmon. How big it was we’ll never know. A few heavy pulls and a 30 meters run and the line banged like a gun shot… bloody hell! Later I had another two, one 9 kilos which left ”Guys” and I ran down to Upper Canyon and the other one - a 5 kilos on my favorite spot in Upper Canyon. An amazing day including six landed salmon and various adventures… Luckily I have my video clips which I’ll share in the future. Now time for bed and tomorrow over to the dreams’ river Litza again…

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