Rain and dusk, same wind from the north, maybe 5 degrees and a rising river - not the best conditions but that was what we were offered today. We went over to Litza Falls Toni, Kola and I. High levels but still the possibility trough som crazy rowing to get over to the right side. The first take came far down the pool, a few short runs and then down in the deep water. Heavy, impossible to stop when it went, the furthest run was perhaps 70-80 meters, happily the 0,47 was on! After some struggles it finally was in the net, my biggest this far! 103 cm and 14,2 kilos/31 lbs, 30 lbs is a pretty good limit for big salmon. Another nice one, 7 kilos and then silent. A Black Green Helmet 7 cm fished 700 grains was the winning weapon. Toni lost a nice 10+ fish at Flatstone before he caught a fresh 5 kilos. Despite tricky conditions were we obviously satisfied with the day…

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