First days on the Kharlovka/East Litza!

Finally it was time to leave for the Kola Peninsula again! The tundra, snow, wind from the north, vodka, BIG salmon, staggering nature och close salmon friends. This year my Finnish salmon buddy Toni Corenius joined me. Toni who’s ”Patagonia Europe’s Fish manager” has fished salmon all his life but never been to the Kharlovka and Litza. We were met by pretty good reports but also a strong wind from the north, snow, rain and devilry! A couple hours fishing resulted in a few pulls which was it. The real misfortune came later on the evening when a managed to rip off a ligament in one of my fingers…!

The first real fishing day and we went over to Litza. This beauty which no matter how I twist and turn it must be my favorite among the world’s salmon rivers. The wind abated a bit, but still rain and dusk… To summarize a great salmon day, I caught four nice fish 5,8,9 and 10 kilos! Tent Pool, Lower Tent, Snowbank and a crazy fight on the ”Devils edge of Classic”. It’s good to have the 0,47 - heels in the ground right away! A fat Pahtakorva tied with a new tungsten half turbo in metallic orange was irresistible! A few lost and two nice for Toni made it a fantastic start of this year’s ASR adventure! Tomorrow it’s time for the best Home Pool in the world and Golden… Now time for bed after a day with many nice salmon!

Today it was time for Home Pool. Fished the pool first once on the left side - two careful pulls. After that Toni and I went to the right side which normally is better on the low river. One nice fish showed, got the fly at the right place - bang! Not the biggest one, but a glistering fresh 6 kilos, nice! Down on the edge of the pool, careful but strong - next pull. A few empty casts and then one more with longer line and higher speed, what a take! A fierce fight on the new 14,8 and I landed my biggest this far. 12 kilos fresh with a few ”seal wounds” still an amazing fish. Once again on a Pahtakorva with orange tungsten half turbo. After lunch we went up to Golden. Furthest down I had another fresh middle sized one, maybe 7 kilos - perfect male. This time the small Zebra made it. Before dinner I went down to Home Pool once again. Five pulls by five different salmon… not this night. Summed up - another amazing day with fyra salmon on 25 lbs and another 20ish for our pleasant company.