Back on Kungsådran - 3 sea trout over 80 cm!

A little colder in the water made the fish even easier to trigger. Still speed was the key and of course the Pahtakorva TTT. It’s remarkable how many fish this little part of the river holds. Both big salmon and sea trout. Most of the salmon is quite dark now but also one or two really nice with a silver greyish finish shows up. There are sea trout of all sizes, I saw a black old male weighing probably 10-12 kilo or more. He was in a tricky place, so I couldn’t really fish for him.

A record day for me
The day was great, early morning up a bit after 04.00 for an hour’s drive from home. The lottery with the other 3 guys gave me pool 1 to start and 2 before lunch. Pool 1 is probably the one with most fish but also the less technical to fish or maybe most depending on how you look at it. I got a few with a very nice male 80 cm sea trout to be best fish. I know one really good lie and fished over with no result. A faster fly and bang he took it. Normally salmon are trickier to a slow fly I think. Pool 2 is probably my favorite, not too deep and with lots of holding places above the very fast almost waterfall rapid below. I cracked the code and had marvelous fishing. Best fish again a sea trout this time an 83 cm gorgeous female. I would think just below 7 kilos. In total my morning gave me 11 landed fish and a few lost, actually I didn’t lose that many. Perhaps the fast fly gave better takes. I took a good nap after lunch missing out a couple of hours fishing.

Jakob showed up and we shoot a couple of small product films. I even think he got a take or two so hopefully we have some nice stuff to show you shortly. Pool 3 and also 4 is full of fish. In the tail of 4 I saw the biggest fish so far this year. Well over 20 kilos and good knows maybe closer to 30! I landed a few smaller fish and ended the day with the biggest sea trout of the day. It took a Pahta TTT far down in the tail and with a bit of “luck” I managed to get it up in the pool and land and release it. All in all, a fabulous fishing day, a total of 17 fish to me and for the 4 of us I think we landed around 30 fish. The other guys got a couple of salmon 90 cm + my biggest salmon this day was a couple 10-12 lbs. But the golden fall sea trout where magic!

Tricks & flies
I know they love that TTT Pahtakorva, the smaller almost the better it is. This day with a raising water temp to around 15 C. I think the key again was the combo small fly and fast speed. I actually got 4-5 fish after I fished fast with a downstream belly and added long pretty fast strips. The fast fly gives really hard takes, we all do love those don’t we. When the dark came I didn’t go over to the black night flies. Actually, I have had very few in Kungsådran on those but better result keeping the brown Pahta. I had 3 fish in the dusk all on a one size bigger Pahta, same concept with smallest TTT and a loose hook, but maybe 4 cm in size. This year Pahtakorva again will be the fly that’s given me most fish. If not the Ponoi trip next week will give the Samurais more than their normal share.