A fantastic day’s fishing!

Dalälven used to be one of the greatest wild salmon rivers in Scandinavia. Once it produced hundreds of thousands of great wild fish. Big dams blocked, and the river have now for more than hundred years been depended on hatcheries – that’s a shame!

The small little stream leading on the side of the power station carry’s 12 m2 of water, the whole river normally between 2-500. The little river is divided in 4 pools fished by 4 people. Thousands of fish enter, some over 50 and even 60 lbs. Of course, it’s not natural and just not as good as a wild river would be, but it’s very popular.

Our Day
We won the highest bid and got the chance to fish. It was me Peter, Adam and with photographer Johan shooting for the new book project. The forth guy Henrik was a new great acquaintance. I started on beat 3 and with my small Pahtakorva TTT I landed one great 4 kilo sea trout and lost a few, beat 4 also gave some nice fish, broke a leader on one, and with an extremely strong 5 kilo male salmon giving most fun. A good lunch and a 1,5-hour sleep in the car and then it was time for beat 1. The rain started pouring down and the fish moved around. If I say I saw 200 fish or so it’s probably too modest – there were fish all over the place! Most fun this fantastic day was the last hours on beat 2. This tail is a bit tricky with lots of big rocks and heavy rapids below. I landed three good sized salmon 12 kilo, and two around 10. Strong crazy fighting fish. I was lucky to get one of them, checking the leader afterword’s it was all ripped to pieces. Wet with a smile on my face I started the drive back with 14 great fish to the book.

Tricks & Flies
I think most important this day was the small fly and lots of speed. After half day Peter asked my what he could improve, and I said speed – he speeded up his fly to and landed 5 fish in an hour - an amazing change. If the fish are there it’s so obvious when you do things right or wrong! I must also comment on the small Nobody TTT the way it fishes is just amazing. I can’t think of anything more effective! The Pahtakorva colours blend with the water colour and the combination is just amazing.