Ponoi, Russia - arriving at the camp!

A two hour fantastic flight over the almost endless wilderness of the Kola Peninsula took us to camp. Ryabaga, one of the most classic of all the fishing camps in the world.

First night gave me two hours in home pool. I fished a 13 footer, a floating belly with a tip. A Pahtakorva gave me my first two Ponoi salmon, both been here a while and was not as fresh as I was hoping for. 6 and 12 lbs was an ok start. The camp is classy with cabins and tents, great food and positive staff from all over the world. We are a good group of fishermen from at least half a dozen countries, some experienced and some rookies. It looks to be a tricky week. Runs are down and conditions tough, but I’m going to give it my best!

I will try to blog daily so just follow and you will see…