Another day in paradise!

Seriousity today, depth and speed on the meny. The short breakfast- and dinner lectures are great. Discussions ran high today as we talked about the importance of the speed of the fly. Awesome – lots of experience and actually quite coherent – fish the fly faster!

Today’s fishing proved good with a dozen or so fish for the group. I coached ”Scotland” at Litza Falls which gave two fishes, the largest one at 12 kilos – nice. I fished myself a few hours and caught a small one at 5 kilos in Falls, and a fantastic one at 99 cm and 11 kilos in ”Mickey Mouse”. It took a 12 cmPahtakorva on a 1,3,5. Calm at first but everything exploded and it had 150 m at most – greatful for the 0,47 leader! It almost left the pool and got lost in the stream down towards Dream, but who says violence doesn’t hack it?! An exciting day, albeit a chilly breeze from the north. The largest catch of the day was Dave Parks’ from Julians – 34 lbs, loused and all – congratulations!