Report from Russia – part 1


After a smooth journey from Helsinki and a record-speed stop in Murmansk, our helicopter took us over an almost snow-free tundra. I have never seen so little snow at this time of the year and the ice was almost gone - early spring, in other words. Once at the camp, I feel almost at home again, we were greeted by record low water, 33 cm and more than 9 degrees – perfect in other words. The evening’s fishing yielded some fish and yours truly fished the Lower Canyon and caught a nice 9-pounder – my first big salmon this year! I got it on a 8cm ”The Witch”, a 2/4/6 and Reaction 14.8. A total of 5 salmon in first few hours. The first ’Masterclass’ briefings went brilliantly and now we are up and running – this is wonderful!


Sunshine and 10 degrees in the water. A fantastic day! I was coaching in the program but an hour in the ”Home Pool” gave a nice 11 kilo (24lbs) male. A small ”The Witch” on a float/i/2 was the successful fly! A violent fight with a long line and the happiness was complete. Among the highlights of the day was Norwegian Anders Mattsson, who beat his personal best with a nice 9-pounder – congratulations! In total the camp caught 15 salmon with a peak of 31 lbs (about 14 pounds) taken in Litza tentcamp of the samurai himself, Sugai! The wind caused a few problems but overall a great day in paradise! The last to leave Litza reported lots of big salmon up over the neck of the Military pool. Jeez - tomorrow it’s off to Litza!