Warm and sunny again – so nice!

We woke up to a fantastic day. The harsh northern wind had turned and the sun warmed a mild southern breeze. I coached by the lower parts of the Kharlovka. I was filming and suddenly Johannes from Germany hooked a nice fish. After a great fight he landed a gleaming salmon at 7 kilos with lice all over the back. The fly was a Greenlander, and the line a float/hover/sink 2. More fish were seen, but only a few more pulls. After lunch we went to the Rockpool. Anders fished downwards with me behind him, and with longer casts and deeper wading I caught a smaller loused fish at around 4 kilos. The sunny weather was nice and warm, but probably made fishing the low waters harder. after dinner I gave my last lecture, and as before the interest and discussions were on a high. After this short report I’m off to the Homepool – the best homepool in the world!