PM #06 – Classic Kraken

Presenting: The sixth film in our Pattern of the Month series. This month Mikael ties his mean night fly – Kraken. A version with influences from one of his other proven night fly patterns "Barrett Bimbo". The fly is designed to have a great silhouette, a lot of motion, a bit extra “sound” and pimped with phosphorescent “glow in the dark” materials. A great fly that can be hackled in different ways. Mikael shows three ways of using the ostrich body feathers to create both extra motion and volume.

This Pattern of the Month pack consist of:

– SOS Organizing Wallet Medium
– Pattern Of the Month #06 Kraken Sticker
– FITS Tubing Glow M
– FITS Tubing Magenta XS
– FITS Tungsten Turbo Cones Glow
– Mirage tinsel
– SSS Dubbing Evil Magenta
– SSS Dubbing Charcoal Black
– SSS Holo Braid Sea lice Silver
– SSS Holo Braid Mikkeli Blue
– SSS Angel Hair Sea lice Silver
– Glow in the dark rubber legs
– Glow in the dark flash fibers
– Black mini ostrich spey hackle
– Black cocks hackle
– Black soft hackle feathers
– Medium black dyed fox hair
– Large black dyed fox hair
– Black dyed deer hair
– Synthetic jungle cock

Fly of the Month pack consist of:

– 2 x Kraken Classic 10 cm
– 2 x Kraken Classic 8 cm
– 2 x Kraken Classic 6 cm
– Medium X SALAR Supreme Fly Wallet

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