Trailer | Once Salmon, Always Salmon?

This fall, there will be a very worthwhile documentary about fly fishing for salmon, the future of wild salmon and the environmental problems with salmon farming. The film mainly consists of two parts, in the first part we follow two very experienced salmon fishermen, Mattias Helde and Jonas Runnberg, to the world-famous River Spey in Scotland. What drives a salmon fisherman? Why do some people spend so much time trying to catch salmon? These are a few of the questions we are trying to answer.

The second part of the film is about the future of Atlantic salmon. We know today through independent research that the three biggest threats to the survival of wild salmon all come from salmon farming in open net pens. The well-known salmon fisherman and journalist, Mikael Frödin, who revealed serious misconduct in a Norwegian salmon farm in the Altafjord a few years ago, tells in this film his "Alta-story" and why salmon farming is directly devastating for wild salmon, why it creates enormous environmental problems and leads to collapsed ecosystems.

The farmed salmon is marketed as sustainable and healthy, but one needs to remember that everyone who sells something must claim the excellence of their product. We can promise that this film will be an eye opener for most people out there.

The documentary will be released later this fall and everyone can watch it for free at:

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