Today we went to Litza and Dream Pool, with Russian Dennis. We landed at Dream Pool and for the first time I fished first. Down on the neck, I thought it was a bit slow and took home the small fly with slow moves – and bang, there it was – 10 (22 lbs) liced kilos. Further down lies one of my favorite pools. Dennis was fishing upstream so I got the chance there too. A small green ”Witch” gave two nice fish, and before the helicopter took us from Dream down to the camp where we would spend the night I managed to lose another one in a rapidly fished Samurai. To spend the night at Litza is always special, perhaps the best night of the season. Alec and Luba took good care of us and because I always stay away from the vodka, I had the chance to fish some more after dinner. I chose the Lower Tent, one of my absolute favorites. At the top of the inlet stream a powerful vortex indicated that the little fly was under attack, a hard pull and then fish again! The salmon struck 50 m down in the pool, turned and whipped back against me again. It passed me and went up through the fierce current. I waded after like a madman. I knew it was big and I realized that I had to hang on. It sped all the way through the rapids, up through the neck and up into the ”Mirror Pool” 250 m upstream - geez. Once there, it began to get tired, but went off downstream again – nothing to to but to follow it again. We passed the spot where I hooked it and the tricky rapids at the ”Red Cliff” threatened. Now, however, it was tired, really tired, and I could steer it in among the big rocks where Dima could net it. After carefully measuring and weighing, we found that 112 cm and 16 kg (35 lbs) liced Litza salmon was defeated. A great fish; mighty, strong, and a fight that I will never forget. One of the greatest I got here, and the fiercest fight of them all!