Today I had Middle Kharlovka on the program. I started in the world’s best home pool without getting anything, a few fish showed themselves cautiously... probably a pair who’ve been standing there a while! I went up to the ”Amphitheater” where I got a fat grilse on a small 2 cm "Witch". Pockets of the ”Washing machine” gave me a nice fish at 6 kilos, and two pulls. After lunch I went fishing behind the other guys in the Lower Canyon. Despite perfect conditions it gave nothing – strange, seems to be completely empty there now. In the lower Lower Canyon a few fish showed themselves but weren’t at all interested in the flies. I took a chance with a 15 cm quickly fished ”Green Samurai” and got a loused fish at 7 kilos. I’ll have to be perfectly happy with three salmon. The fog is dense and it seems that more people than planned for will have to spend the night in Litza – poor them, stranded in paradise!