The fog holds us in its iron fist. Many were fogged in at Litza camp yesterday, and today the situation is even worse! I fished from Home Pool and down to the sea. It started with a super fast fished Samurai which resulted in a gentle tug in the lower parts of the Home Pool. After a fairly gentle fight I was able to land a nice fish at 5 kilos with lice over the back. Then I trekked down to Julians. It’s such a magnificent and breathtaking experience to walk across the mighty tundra. One of those experiences that is difficult to put into words. I continued with the great Samurai. In one of the pockets above the pool I got a really hard take on the short line. After a hard fight in the fast water, I tailed a nice one at 10 kilos. Wow, what a fish – lice on the back, the girth and strength – magnificent! Another take in the fast water resulted in a lost fly! I thought that the leader had scraped and chafed against a stone – but the somewhat curly tip of the leader spoke its clear language – the knot had come undone! I don’t believe that has happened to me in ten years. In my defence, the icy north wind made my fingers so stiff I could barely tie at all! But still...I’m ashamed! The day ended with a nice salmon at 7 kilos from the slower water in the center of the pool. It took on a long, soft reeling in. The speed of the fly is key now - in the clear, low water the fly has to be quick, otherwise they reject it!