Tuesday – last day at Hofsa, then off to Big Laxá

Today it was time for Beat 5, one of the river’s best - with several deeper spots having filled up on salmon. It started with a couple of larger sea char, amazing fish just over a kilo each, and a hitched grilse. In one of the pools further down I tried a quickly fished "Nobody". An angry splash – and a hooked fish! The salmon sped away downstream, and although it wasn’t a giant it offered hefty fight on the lightweight gear. Maybe it weighed 5.5 kg, and sure enough it had been in the river for some time, but a nice salmon!
After lunch we headed off again, between the volcanoes, past Myvatten and Laxá and Alaldal - big Laxá, the river with the biggest salmon in Iceland. Reykjavik Angling Club welcomed us as guests the first night, but though the pools are beautiful we had no luck. Laxá has had the worst season in many years. A close call when a 10 kilo fish caught upp with my fly, whirled under it...but resisted the take.