Monday – tricky sunshine and low waters

An extremely bad road up ahead. Fantastic scenery and wonderful pools, we stayed in the Beatles and the bottom of the neck the water exploded...and a fish was had taken. Gleaming, 3 kilos of steel dashed back and forth and managed to wedge itself between two stones in the final fight...
The upper parts of Hofsa are as amazing as all the pictures tell! Small groups of salmon were swaying gently in the pools, impossible to miss in the crystal clear waters. A couple of pursuits and a gentle tug or two was all it gave. Brilliant sunshine and very low water is tricky!

In the afternoon we fished Beat 3. A couple of lost, smaller fish and a micro hitched at 7 kilos was a decent result. Choosing flies here is a bit odd... everything from 2 mm hitch to large black tubes works...all on a floating line, of course! I fished my reaction 10 foot, line 8 - superior when it comes to this kind of precision fishing! After another splendid dinner, my bed was more than welcome!