My first encounter with Litza - this sparkling gem among rivers! We landed at the Dream Pool; Turo, Christian and I. They fished hard and well in my opinion but it took until just before lunch before Christian took a decent grilse in Upper tent. There were not many fish to see, and after lunch when my coaching was over and my fishing started, I perhaps didn’t have much hope. I went up to the Secret pool and quickly took a grilse. After a few throws down the neck, I had a follower, and on the next cast with a higher speed it took a small "BG Helmet". On my one-hander we had a nice dance before a beauty at 4,5 kilos slipped in between the rocks.
The one-hander gives really cool fights, the contact with the fish and the feeling of closeness is much larger. The small pocket at the bottom gave another fine grilse and apparently the fish was active this afternoon. I fished by Mickey Mouse and Lower Tent without as much as a tug. But a little time in the "TV pool" gave the fourth fish of the day - amazing! All taken on small flies and with a large downstream swing, and high speed as the trigger!