The Mörrum premiere one freezing adventure!

I started in the pool 1. Normally, pool 1 gives lots of fish This year it was not so I got two fish with a cry for help. A few rainbows were taken but otherwise it was quiet. The cold weather with below freezing in the air, 0.5 C in water was certainly the reason for the tough fishing. The afternoon was better and overall the day gave a hundred fish. Second day i fished with Joakim Haeggman a few hours from pool 8 down. I lost two fish on pool 8, Haeggman one but I got two in pool 10. It’s fun with the fast water. Despite the winter cold fish it becomes an OK fight. This icy cold fisheries is grim! Looking forward to come back a little later in the spring when the sun is out and you can take a beer in the grass!

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