The discovery of two new beautiful Russian rivers

After our days on the Kola river it was time for new adventures on a couple of for me new rivers. We meet with our great new friend Alex and took the road towards Kirkenes. After half an hour and a gravel road that barely could have been called a road we reached the little very Russian hut that served us with our license. Just that a special experience. Our day on Ura started with me losing a fish after like 15 minutes. That was our only contact. But I must say Ura was a fantastic river with some pools to dream of. Clear beautiful but now with too few fish.

Next day we checked another option, Titdovka. I must say I will never forget this day. We found a great river, again clear with fantastic pools. But more, we were met by Russian hospitality at its very best. We were taken in by a group of guys who not only showed us the river, but they shared their food, the vodka and their great stories with us. So very friendly and nice guys it really warmed both mine and my American buddy Chucks heart. We didn’t catch any fish but we left with a very warm and good feeling. Both agreeing on that fish is not the most important for a good memorable day. Sometimes we are brothers sharing – these guys gave us a truly good day. Also we must thank Alex for sharing everything and really giving us so much of his stories from when the salmon fishing on the Kola peninsula once started.