Another day on the mighty Kola river, big fish!

This time we fished the “Monica” beat, the beat lowest down. It’s below the Kitza and  the river is not that big. This streach was quite technical with some nice long runs and also som faster shorter pools. I fished thru the island pools with no result. I thought I might have fished to high up and went back to what I thought was the nicest part. Spring fishing is with small margins. Changed to a faster line and a Phata on the biggest TTT. They are a bit heavy but boy they are effective. A very slow careful take and nothing more. I backed, waited and the take came on next turn thru… it pulled long time and I barely felt the fish before it came off – shit the typical take from a very big fish….

We fished thru the beat, had lunch and moved upstream. I fished a pool between two rapids when next fish took my fly, the same fly! This time he nailed it, the line slammed the rod and the fisht was on. After a very good fight where the fish almost left the pool for the 500 m rapid below. I could land a magnificent 102 cm sea liced 13 kilo fish. Wow – one of these perfectly shaped Atlantic salmon, one of the fish we dream about. Truly great! We finished the quite cold day with an hour in home pool.

Today we are moving location… back from no man’s land to civilization. Tomorrow we will see new adventures in this land of opportunities. But I will for sure be back on this beat!