The best flies of the trip – triple T simply rules!

It was a different trip, military changed everything. Spring turned to winter again and everything was just as different as it can be only on the Kola peninsula. The best fishing in the world but also time to time a bit complicated. Last year was my first really big TTT year. I had maybe half of my catch on TTT flies. This last two weeks I think all but two fish fell for TTT flies. They are just so very effective. They straighten your cast, start fish directly and also leave you with so many options. The heavy body gives a bigger profile, the bare tube a thinner more translucent fly. And of course you have all colour options.

This last trip there were three flies, all tied on the TTT that stood out and gave best result. Pahtakorva TTT, Zebra TTT and the black & olive version of the Nasty Banana. I fished mostly with a Glitz dubbed body, but also got a couple of fish on bare tube bodies. I just love the way they fish. The different weight also gives more options without changing line. Often I go for the large one in the upper part of the pool and change down in size lower down in the slower water. Yesterday I was back from Kungsådran (short blog coming soon) also there I used the TTT flies, this time tied on the smallest size. Small but effective!


I agree with JP

Time for a lesson on how. To tie the triple T on YouTube 🔥🔥🔥


Jeppe July 10, 2019

would it be possible to produce a tying video for your YouTube subscribers on the TTT, personally I love them also but they do present some tying challenges for example how to move off the metal TTT onto the plastic tube that can be tricky.
Best regards JP

JP macmahlior June 29, 2019

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