Back in Norway for Bolstad river opening day

After a very long drive we finally arrived Bolstad. The gang was here and ready for the opening day. At the first dinner we did the lottery for who starts where, sorry Chucky you draw the worst one for us. Starting on beat 2 Öynahölen, missing out two turns on Langehölen and Ronga. That was shit! The river is at 12 cv and dropping away fast. 90 m3/s three days ago now down to 47.

First day gave us only two fish and some lost. Rolle with 40 years experience and to be honest with you, bloody good took both fish. He fished Ronga and last half hour showed his fly to a fish that showed in tail. It took and so did another one a few casts after. Two great fish of 7 and 8 kilo. I had a fish that took in Straumen but never stayed on.

Today in the morning there have been three fish caught, two in Kjeilo and one by my old partner in crime Arild Blomfeldt from Langehölen. I fished Osen in bright sun and couldn’t do a thing. Now the clouds are coming in and things look a lot better.