Last day in paradise, a good end to the week!

Last day I was back alone down on the lower river. Here tide is important. I decided to start closest to the sea. Normally they start to run 2 hours before full tide so I was a bit late with an early morning tide at 04.00. There is a nice hole with shallow water above and below it’s maybe 10-30 m, and they love to rest here. I decided to concentrate on the best part and on a cast with only few meters of line the first fish took my Pahtakorva. It took 50 m first half minute showing it was fresh from the sea. 100 cm and about 20 lbs a really good start of the day.

Just half an hour later a hard take signaled fresh fish again. A good fight and a 102 cm sea liced male – fantastic.  I think I did right, if I would have fished from top to bottom, I think maybe they would have been gone when I reached the hot spot – good tactics showed important! I fished the rest and managed to find me a nice sea liced 12 lbs that took a 8 cm Zebra, also that one tied on a TTT, ending with 3 fish also this day – just very good! But I must admit that yesterday’s victory with the big male was still occupying my mind.

The weather has kept being cold ever since the change the beginning of the week. Summing up tricky conditions with a river falling from 12 C down to under 5. Snow and hard rain resulting in a rising river. The week showed many pulls and fish taking carefully, this is something I have seen many times in a rising river. If the river would have been stable with 12 C and slowly dropping levels, this would have resulted in twice as many fish I am sure.

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This was my first salmon fly fishing season, I hooked a 10lb x or -, colored fish, on an Orange plastic tube fly , the fly went over the salmon on the first pass, I felt a gentle take, but no hook up, the second cast I put in a down river mend , to speed up the fly (advise from your youtube fishing vidioes) the salmon took the fly, great excitement, the salmon came to the net three times, the forth time the hook came free, no problem, it was a long release . I will be tying your fly creations over this winter in Bonny Scotland. You and your vidioes are an insperation.

Irish Mike October 22, 2019

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