TBT winner w.48

We came to Barilla, it was in July 2004. It was me Håkan and Kyrre. The fishing was good and we landed several great fish. First morning we took the boat up to Vaehaeniva. It’s a sharp turn where fast water meets a deeper pool. I was not my first time here – last time we followed a 40 lbs all the way to “Walters Plass” where it was landed safely. I first got one in the tail of Vaehaeniva, a great strong sea liced 25 lbs male. A bit later another one and in the head of the pool I hooked the third one – the biggest one. It was a magnificent male of 38 lbs. They all took that long greenish fly – it was baptized in good whiskey to the Alta name – Vaehaeniva! Since then it has taken many great fish and is still one of my favourite flies.

No one got the exact right answer... but the first closest answer came from Daniel Persson, well done! (PM us your adress and three Vaehaeniva flies will be with you soon)