TBT winner w.46

This is one of my patterns that wasn’t made while searching for the perfect salmon fly. For a long time I had great success with flies made with more or less distinctly green colors. Green colors in the green Norwegian waters are often unbeatable. Classics such as Green Highlander and Silver Grey have inspired many of my flies, Greenlander might be the one with the most salmon on its conscience.

This time it was the founder of Aktiv Fritid, the inveterate salmon angler Arild Snekkenes who asked me for a subtler green creation for his private summer fishing. After some time experimenting with several different versions the Green and Grey saw daylight. The special thing with this green fly in particular is the vaguely grey body which almost disappears in the water, in combination with the olive green wing. Green and Grey has caught many great salmon for me, Arild and many others. I prefer fishing it in very clear water when it appears diffusely to the fish which apparently can be irresistible…

So the answer is Green and Grey and Arild Snekkenes, and the winner is….. Terje Vågsdal! ...who was the first one who got it right by a margin of just a few minutes, well done! Let us know if you want to wait until the flies arrive in webshop or if you want a set of materials to tie your own Grey and Green.