Samurai fly tying competition!

The Samurai series has quickly become one the most fished fly seriers in the world. It all started as a sketchy idea on how to tie a long, slim drop formed fly, and today Samurais are tied in all possible and impossible ways. The long thin wing and the thick dubbed brushed body, where some of the dubbing is tied in front on the wing, are parts of what characterizes the seriers. The one I’ve caught most fish on is without doubt the Green Samurai, with Gaudy Green Glitz dubbing building the front body. The Green Samurai has even been competing with the Pahtakorva for being the most rewarding fly the last few years. I’ve also had fish on white, orange, pure black, Willy Gun and several other colors.

Which is your own favorite Samurai?
- We’re now announcing a small tying competition. The one who ties the best looking and most wicked Samurai wins a FITS and SSS package worth 500€, extra exciting with all the news coming for 2016(!). The only rules are that the fly must be tied after the Samurai concept on original FITS and SSS materials, all possible color combinations are allowed. Send your contribution to Frödin Flies, Kolonivägen 28, 74144 Knivsta, Sweden, so they’re with us before the 15th January. The winner will be presented in the end of January! Good luck!

Fore those of you who aren’t 100% familiar with the Samurai concept, here’s the pattern of our Willie Gun Samurai:

Medium black FITS tubing and fluor orange x-small FITS tubing.

Rear, rear ¼ bare tube, 2/4 mirage tinsel, 3/4 “Alta Gold” SSS Holo Braid, Front ¼ “Hot Magma Yellow”, “Hot Orange in Flames” and “Octopussy Red” SSS Glitz Dubbing. In smaller sizes use SSS Dubbing behind the wing and Glitz in front.

Front hackel
Two turns of black soft hackle or mini marabou.

White under wing, black over wing. Wing should be tied with long, straight soft fibers to get the slim profile only on the top of the fly.

Domestic or synthetic Jungle Cock.

X-small black FITS turbo.