Last day - then off to Kungsådran!

I started in the dark in Oldman… Had a salmon female on about 7 kilos. It’s always a bit of a disappointment to catch salmon in the dark. Kraken with a glow cone gave the take. This morning I was all alone on this side. I fished several pools. The next take came in the run in to Stone. A nice trout female which I fought until it felt the gravel on its belly. Then the hook let go and the release became an easy one. Perhaps it weighted about 6 kilos… The next take came on the same small Pahtakorva down in the tail. Jussi took photos from the other side while I was playing the fish. 100 cm salmon female was the result! Another nice day in the sun with Dry Martinis made by Per and reunion with some old friends. I fished a couple hours more without result before I left the river. As a summary, a difficult year with good results. Now home and then straight to Älvkarleby and ”Kungsådran”.