Hard conditions - yet a great day!

Up just after 4… early… getting to old for this… Fished trough Stone Pool and Fence without any action. Some fish showed but it was cold as h… and fog on the river. After the coffee it was time for Home Pool. I fished a super small Pahtakorva with two thin rubber legs. The take came right away when the fly started fishing. A beautiful spotted 3 kilos silvery trout sled into my hands. The stronger sunshine resulted in sipping drink on the balcony instead of fishing. A couple hours sleep and food and we were ready for the evening. I fished a few spots and first I had a short vague pull by a trout and shortly after the take came hard. After a lot of splashing and fighting a splendid male on about 8 kilo sled in by my feet. Thanks to Micke Lindström for the photography… Also fun that Håkan had a nice one this night…

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