Kungsådran – a fantastic day!

It’s kind of a strange feeling to fish Kungsådran. It’s perhaps Swedens best waters, but it’s still rests from the hydropower plants and most of the fish is from the compensation farming. However we were four experienced anglers. Håkan Norling, Christian Lindström, Chrille Wiklund and I. We drew lots and started at 06.00. The fishing was fantastic… This time it was mostly salmon and few big trouts. The biggest trout was probably the one Christian had on about 5 kilos and the biggest salmon was probably my 12 kilos female. Totally we had 23 fish and I managed to land 10, exactly as many last year. I fished a hoover/float and a few different small Pahtakorva. The tungsten cones make them swim good at the perfect depth. Chrille fished small flies and Christian had his biggest trout on a 10 cm Garry! It’s so much fish that most things work. Kungsådran is an exciting new addition to my fishing year. Hopefully I can continue to fish here a couple days a year.