Kharlovka - Wednesday


A beautiful day with clear blue skies and a shining sun. Jari and I where once again fishing the right side of Rock pool which had proved to be the best in the enormous water flow. I lost a fish after three minutes of hard drilling. It was the heaviest I had in my box including a huge flie that gave me the bite. After lunch we fished Julians which gave us a lot of action. Jari landed a nice 7 kg (16 lbs) close to shore. A sign… I went out right after and landed two nice salmon, one 12 kg (25 lbs) and an incredibly fat 8 kg (20 lbs). Both caught on long casts with a PT 5/6 and a 10 cm Sierrakorva. Beautifully hard drillings particularly with the larger fish which I for a good while thought was a lot bigger. Thankful for the 0,47 Egor! The evening only produced a few played out salmon before the fog rolled in like a heavy curtain. Now I’m sitting here and can barely see across the river – We sure hope the sun manages to break through tomorrow!