Kharlovka - Thursday


Started with heavy fog and bad weather and an icy northern wind. We took the chopper down to Kharlovka seapool. This spot is seldom fished but the high water made me want to give it a try any way. Seapool fished nicely but gave nothing. Up at Buchanans run I landed a nice 5,5 kg (12 lbs). Loused, strong and beautiful, not the biggest but one of few fish in the river. After that we fished the Island. The same big Phatakorva produced a bite of a big fish. Unfortunately it did not stay on my hook and offered the good fight it could have done. In Island pool there is only one way and that is out towards the sea. Another bite and a lost fish in Longstream ended my day. The weather changes fast here, the icy cold was replaced by sun and lovely spring weather. Tomorrow is the last day……

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