Kharlovka - Tuesday 7/6

My first day at Litza this year! This fabulous river – the best in the world , in my world any way! I fished Snowbank and Millitary with Thommy salo and Hendrik Hobik. Salos double gold, World championships and Olympics is respect! I am sorry I couldn’t coach them to any great fish this morning. I took the little rubber boat and changed side. Here waited Dima and his two Russian guests Dima & Sergej from the south near the Black Sea. I took Dima with me to Reindeer pool. To make long story short, it was a success! 2 great fish - 12 and 18 lbs gave us a crazy happiness with high jumps and Russian victory holloring I have never heard before!

Wild discussions about the speed of the fly and what depth to fish the fly gave this Master class day great memories.

This day was a fabulous sunny day! The water temperature reached 11 Celsius and the water kept on going down. The camp is getting a bit worried – more fish should run now!