Kharlovka Monday - 6/6

We woke up to a fantastic day with bright blue sky and temperatures over 20 Celsius. Today I coached three groups and have now spent a few hours with all “master class” members. I must say that the level of the fishermen is pretty damn…good! Most of us do a 25 yards with full control.

We have now had 5 small lectures, I think the one tonight on the importance of the speed of the fly has been the best so far. A lot of different experiences shared in the group – great! Power Point presentations on the dinner wall are maybe a bit strange – but it’s been a great success! Everyone including myself is learning something every day – just what I have been hoping for!

Johannes Kahrs is the king of the day with a fantastic male from home pool. 25 lbs fresh silver gave him 40 min hard fight. I couldn’t resist doing a few casts and managed to land my first Kharlovka fish this year! 16 lbs with sealice on the head – super nice!! The Greenlander puzzy was what made my day!

Temperature went down a bit during night but reached 10 degrees celsius during the afternoon – the level is now 59 cm - still sinking fast.