Kharlovka - Wednesday 8/6

Litza again for me! Trying to spend equal amount of time with all fisherman. I started together with Johannes and Jurg. The coolest was probably a couple of fish in “Classics” that pulled and played with almost every fly he gave them! Shit ! We have almost perfect conditions except the temperature! Today the thermometer showed 30 celsius in the shadow! Jepp – you read it right 30 Celsius!!!! I have been here same dates when the temperature barely reached over zero!. Very few fish are running and the once here are very hard to temt to take!. A couple of fish was landed with Dima again being top rod with two nice fish 19 and 18 lbs. Jamie from Scotland took a nice after dinner fish of 18lbs. He deserved that. He’s been casting a great line all week! Today the “Master class” lecture was flytying so no fishing for me – but tomorrow I will get one !

Water temperature reached 15 C and level 44cm – July conditions!