Kharlovka - Sunday 12/6

The ice cold wind from the north had its grip of the rivers here in the north! Air 3 Celsius and the water temperature sinking below 10 C is not the best conditions! Water colder than air is something salmon anglers all over the world just hate! My new team mates Peter Fine , Philip and “Sugai San” from Japan started our day in “Lower Canyon” which still was a bit too high. I fished down Golden pool from the right side – I really like this side! First take was slow and careful, putting some pressure on the fished just went mad! High jumps and runs up and down before it slowed down, I got it in on short line and then it just panicked – went for the rapids of Washing Machine! I have been down there before and know it’s hopeless so I played it so hard that the hook just straightened! Fu..I am now back on my SALARs- them I know I can trust! The little “Samurai” on the end of my leader is another new fly that I think will give me lots of fun in the future! On my way down to Home pool I fished a couple of pockets – in one of them I got a hard strike! Played and landed a beautiful 10 lbs with long tail lice all over its back. It’s cool to fight a fish on that short line! Home pool gave a few fish and totally it was a cold but great day in salmon paradise!