Kharlovka - Friday 10 /6

Last day of the ”Master Class” – sad but everything has an ending. Generally I think the Master Class has been a great success with fantastic positive feed back from the group. The morning and dinner presentations have worked perfectly and there have been some very good discussions – thanks group! The fishing have not been what we have been hoping for but in salmon fishing nothing is to be taken for granted! This last day I was with Bruce and Johannes in Kharlovka falls. First time down the pool Bruce showed us how it should be done by hooking playing and landing a nice 18lbs on a Pahtakorva – well done Bruce! Johannes had a few fish pulling and playing with his flies but nothing to the bank. I saw my first big fish of the week – well over 30lbs it splashed loudly when it came in over the lip. That one I want – the frustration of not being able to fish myself- only coaching is hard! This day was a bit better with 5 being landed in the lower river + a couple from the Litza. I fished my fly through Homepool during the night with no success – but tomorrow is D day then I am allowed to fish myself! Even if it will only be a few days I am looking forward to it!
The wind was howling from the North and the temperature did hardly come up over 5 celsius – more normal! Water temperature is now below 10 Celsius!