Kharlovka - Thursday 9/6

Today I started with Geir & Jurg in Julians, this fantastic pool where the fish always rest shortly before heading upstream. Maybe Julians is the best pool for the early weeks – but nothing is as it should be this very strange year. No fish before lunch a couple of promising pulls were all that happened. After a nice lunch by the mighty river and some extra casting instructions for Jurg I walked back to camp. It’s a truly great walk over the tundra with the rivers rapids filling the air with powerful music – great! A tragedy in my woman’s family makes all a bit sad – I have to thank everyone for being so helpful and making it possible for me to hike back to Murmansk to catch a plane back on Tuesday. This day gave us a few more fish and it’s the first little sign of that things are getting slowly back to normal.
The weather finally changed! The water temperature has dropped back to 12 Celsius and the wind is once again coming in from the north – just like it should be!