Kharlovka - A different day

Spring is slowly coming closer. Today I started in Kharlovka Falls. The ice is covering the river, although it shrinks every day. A hard take, two pulls, were all that happened. In Home Pool, there was more action. I lost a fish in the 6-7 kilos class, maybe it was the much sought after Osenka? Several kelts and some, more action... In the afternoon, Volodya took us up on one of the lakes for ice fishing. A little odd, a bit of a change and I managed to get two nice almost one kilo trouts. Tomorrow I will try to get down to Flatstone Pool on the Litza. The deepest pool on the river, there we know that there are some fat Osenkas. When I go to bed now, it’s the first night the temperature is over zero, maybe the melting will speed up now!