Two more days in winter wonderland

The first whole day was a fantastic winter day with sunshine, no wind and a temp around zero. Today’s greatest retention was a bear climbing over a ridge by the river. A flock of reindeer was what attracted. We then saw him from the helicopter, light in the fur and beautiful against the white snow. A great experience.

I tried to keep on fishing deep and slow, trying to find open water and places where an Osenka could be. As the river still has winter water levels and all the fish are in the deep, slow holes that still mostly are covered with ice – it is still very challenging. Tomorrow, it’s time to try Military Pool, where the ice has started to give in. Valodya also wants to go char fishing - we’ll see what the day can give...

Another memorable day with hard fishing. We started in Military, two meters of ice and two meters of snow but open water and the opportunity to fish where I wanted to. 850 grains and a large Pahtakorva gave half a dozen of kelts and a super fat freshwater sea trout. Here among the fish that spawned there are certainly some big Osenkas. Maybe we can try again after some day.

There are more bears now than before. A big light brown bear, bigger than the light from yesterday, stretched around us at Military for several hours. Old berries were probably what attracted. On our trip to Kharlovka we encountered another bear. This was dark, almost black and the biggest yet, maybe 200 kilos and impressive in its splendor! Kolja and I checked the mouth of Kharlovka, high waves and low water gave a beautiful spectacle. A few casts were all I did. More action today, slowly but surely, the river begins to come alive.